Vertical Succulent Gardens: Easy Care Tips

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Vertical Succulent Garden in Sunshine Coast

How do you water a succulent wall? That sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Actually succulents don’t need much water, but they do have to be planted in a soil that drains well. And you just let them drain and then wipe away any remaining drops. Water an indoor succulent portrait over the bathtub or sink or in the shower about once a month. Outdoors use a watering can or a hose, being careful not to wash away the soil. Do not overwater — test the soil to see it is really dry before watering.

You may want to buy Rudolf Schulz’s book Propagation of Succulent Plants

Succulents stretch towards the light — it’s called etiolation — and you have to cut them right back just leaving a few leaves if that happens. But try to make sure that your wall gives them enough indirect sunlight so the problem does not arise.

You can hang your frame of succulents in any direction

The ideal containers are either a picture frame with wire mesh for cuttings, or a large plastic panel with slanted pockets.

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The easy thing about a succulent wall — or portrait — is that you can buy one already planted, and the fun thing about it is that it grows and changes all the time. A succulent frame does not weigh very much, so you can hang one wherever you would like a fresh, ever-changing focal point — on a fence or on a door, on a veranda or in a patio, inside or out. Succulents do like light though, and planted vertically they need more water than a normal succulent in a pot. They need plenty of ventilation too.

Some recommended succulents are:

• Blue Pearl or Graptoveria
• Blue Giant or Graptosedum Hybrid
• Moon Silver or Pachyphytum
• Golden Glow or Sedum Hybrid
• Chocolate Soldier or Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Succulents need natural fertilizer in spring and summer

Special succulent fertilizer exists, or you can use liquid kelp, fish emulsion or compost fertilizer tea. But the climate on the Sunshine Coast is ideal for succulents.

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