Pergola isn’t a pasta dish, but it’ll still make you smile!

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Pergolas Sunshine Coast

Pergola is a very appetising word, isn’t it? It just sounds delicious. And pergolas are delicious! They were first popular during the Italian Renaissance and have been around since the 17th century, creating an inviting open-air setting. If you are going to be picky then a pergola is not quite the same as an arbor or a gazebo — it’s larger, and definitely an extension of the rooms inside the house. A pergola’s parallel colonnades support an open roof of girders and cross rafters. Designer Garden Landscapes specialises in all three — and trellises too — so it is worth consulting them if you are out shopping for pergolas in Sunshine Coast!

Fast growing flowering vines

Vines look very beautiful trained over a pergola — any vine from a vivid bougainvillea to a more subtle wisteria, or climbing roses or even grape vines. What a brilliant way to turn your yard into an oasis! A lush pergola shades you from the sunshine of the Sunshine Coast, while letting through the balmy sea breeze. And in the distance you can see the skyline or the horizon, the garden and the swimming pool.

Rest and be thankful

You need very comfortable, casual furniture for a pergola — after all, it’s an outdoor lounge, an entertaining area with a natural roof of climbing flowers, an ideal place to relax and unwind. Thick cushions on sofas are inviting, or perhaps on daybeds. What about hanging chairs and hammocks? A coffee table or a dining table? A fireplace or a fire pit? And luxurious decking or paving too, of course. Living on the Sunshine Coast means you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. And a pergola really enhances your quality of life by creating a defined space. It gives you a measure of privacy too. And you give it character with your taste in pots and lights and décor.

Rules and regulations

The experts at Designer Garden Landscapes say that good landscaping adds about 20 per cent value to your home when you sell. You don’t need planning permission either, unless the pergola is over 20.2 metres and over 2.4 metres high — unless there is already a pergola on the property. Of course the experts at Designer Garden Landscapes are aware of all the formalities and red tape and will jump through all those hoops on your behalf.

Spaghetti alla pergola may not exist on any menu, but that’s no reason why it should not become your signature dish!

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