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It might seem like an easy idea to pave an area. It’ll save you mowing, that’s for sure, but it does give you some interesting choices to make. What kind of pavers? What style will they be laid in? A few more things to think about than mowing.

Pavers are a great addition to any landscaping project. They can give stunning lines and designs to a space while at the same time they have amazing functionality; for example, adding drainage. However, each type of paver offers different pros and cons. For instance, clay pavers down fade in the sun like some concrete pavers, but concrete pavers come in a wider variety of designs, sizes, and shapes. What means the most to you?

There also comes the choice of how you are going to lay the pavers. Are they going to have a soil or sand base that is great for stability, a pebble base for drainage, or a foundation base for longevity? Maybe mowing isn’t looking so bad right about now?

The design the pavers are laid in is also something to think about as well. Larger pavers or small pavers? Pattern choice? There are a lot to choose from. Stackbond Pattern is the current trendy pattern that is great for large pavers, the diamond pattern is great for small or medium size pavers and sets them at a 45 degree angle to give the diamond look. Then there is stretcherbond which will give you the classic cobblestone look, basket weave for small pavers that will add character or the herringbone pattern that is visually pleasing and gives added strength from having interlocking pavers.

If it all seems like too much, you can consult the experts at Designer Garden Landscapes as we have had years of experience helping residents of the Sunshine Coast with their paver and landscaping needs. Contact the best pavers in Sunshine Coast today, and we’ll help you out.

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