Form and function, landscaping concepts that serve many purposes!

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Landscaping Noosa, Nambour & Coolum QLD

Landscaping doesn’t just have to be pretty to look at. There are many that are getting the most out of the property around their house by creating multi-use spaces, and it is changing the way some people live.

If you are thinking that there is some areas of your property that could use with a makeover, and you want to get more use out of them, here are some ideas that can get you to that reality.

Seasonal Entertaining

Live on the Sunshine Coast long enough, and you’ll quickly learn that the Summer nights are still warm and the winter nights can be cool. Neither of these should be a reason that you don’t use your outdoor entertaining area. A simple trick that many shares is the firepit/table combo.

In the winter this area can be used for cozy fires that friends and family can sit around and enjoy the cool nights, but a simple adjustment to the build means that in the summer that firepit can be a functional table for cool drinks and nibblies that will make your place the play to entertain.

Shade and food

If you are looking for some amazing plants to help provide privacy from neighbours or create some shade for the sun-facing windows, why not plant fruiting trees. This way you get not only that shade or privacy but also season fruits that can be enjoyed by the whole family. These fruits can also attract beautiful birds bringing more life and colour to your amazing property.

Water for soul and greenery

Water features don’t have to be extravagant fountains with water pouring cherubs. They can be functional as well as soothing. Creating a rock pool or waterfall feature that combines with an irrigation system mean that you can water your garden while creating a sustainable water feature. Connecting this up to a rain tank means that it’ll have a very little impact on your budget while giving you a massive return in costs and maintenance.

If you would like to discuss these ideas or any others with professional experts that live and breath Sunshine Coat’s unique terrain, then drop Designer Garden Landscapes a line and we will be able to help you.

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