Put the WOW into your home with these landscaping ideas

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Landscaping Ideas Sunshine Coast

Life can be extremely busy – we get it. Between work, kids, and your laundry list of other obligations, your home and garden can oftentimes fall to the wayside. While this may not seem like a very big deal, the appearance of your home and garden can have a direct impact on your mood. Studies have shown that they more unhappy you are with your home’s appearance, the more stressed you can become while conducting your daily tasks. If you are one of those people settling for an average, plain house, then it’s time for a change! Here are some killer landscaping ideas that can put the WOW into your home.

Add a graduated garden bed: If you want to make your garden stand out, then you should give this graduated garden bed a try. This idea is particularly helpful if you don’t have a flat yard, but can be used on any surface. By creating a graduated garden bed, you can add height and dimension to your yard with a practical decoration.

Decorate your stairs with succulents: If you have stairs leading to your garden, why not decorate the inside of the steps with beautiful succulents? This can create an unexpected pop of color and texture to your yard that no one will be expecting!

Make a vegetable garden with vertical space: Maybe you don’t have a lot of open garden space for planting a vegetable garden- so why not take advantage of vertical space? You can always build an outdoor vegetable garden along the side of your home. Simply install a narrow garden bed and plant away!

Make designs with your grass: Most gardens are covered completely in grass. If you want guests to say “Wow!” every time they enter your garden, try planting grass in unique shapes. You can make swirl patterns of grass and fill the empty space with dirt or grass for a multi-dimensional look.

Add diamond-shaped vines: Diamond-shaped vines on the outside of a house can give a rural or victorian feel to even the most modern of homes. These vines, while a simple addition to your garden, can make a huge visual impact.

You’ll be surprised how much your mood can change by simply upgrading your garden. These Sunshine Coast landscaping ideas can transform your home into a beautiful oasis, which can reduce your stress and anxiety levels. We know that you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to turn your garden into the yard of your dreams, so why not let us help? Give Designer Garden Landscapes a call today for a quote!

Landscaping Ideas in Sunshine Coast QLD