Symmetry or Abstract: Clever landscaping with a message, purpose and flow

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Landscape design is a unique and passionate business. Those who work in landscape design need to constantly keep up with trends and be able to adapt to any situation. Over the years, landscape design has changed drastically. Many people think that landscaping is about trimming the roses or installing a paved walkway through the garden, but landscaping is so much more than that. Landscapers need to have a keen eye for design. For example, deciding whether to use symmetrical or abstract design- or a combination of both- is an important decision for someone’s garden. Both design styles can give a completely different look to the yard.

Symmetrical gardens: Creating symmetrical balance in a garden may be desired if you prefer balance and order. In a symmetrical garden, both sides of your hard are equally divided. For example, if there are three pink plants on the right, there will be three pink plants on the left. The two sides of the garden should look like a mirrored reflection. While symmetrical balance was used quite a bit during the Renaissance period, it is still a popular landscaping design method today. Modern symmetrical gardens typically feature geometric shapes, neat rows and a sense of stability.

Asymmetrical gardens: Asymmetrical gardens are typically described as unbalanced and free form, while still creating the illusion of unity with repetition of certain elements or styles. An asymmetrical garden is less formal and appears much more natural. If you are the creative type, you may prefer asymmetrical balance in your garden because this design gives you more freedom. Unless you are going for a particularly eclectic look, it’s best to create unity throughout your asymmetrical garden by using similar rocks, plants and decor. Some examples of asymmetrical gardens are typical Japanese style gardens.

When it comes to symmetrical or abstract landscaping design, the decision is up to both the homeowner and the landscaper. Whether you opt for a more symmetrical or abstract look can completely transform the look of the garden. However, being able to play around and incorporate these two techniques can make for clever landscaping with a message, purpose and flow. If you want to have a unique garden, it’s time to call in some landscaping experts to help bring your vision to life. Contact Designer Garden Landscapes to set up a consultation with one of our trained and experienced landscape contractors in Sunshine Coast!

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