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In recent years, there has been quite a green revolution. More and more people are interested in implementing environmentally-friendly practices into their daily lives to help conserve the planet. While this is a fantastic initiative, many people still fall short. They focus on recycling bottles and plastics, using reusable products and so forth. These are all helpful practices, but they completely neglect one of the most fascinating environmentally-friendly practices of all- upcycling. Upcycling is the process of reusing something by turning it into a high quality product with a different function than the original. Here are some fun upcycling items that can make your next landscaping project inspiring and memorable:

Strawberry tower: If you’re a gardening fanatic, then you have likely bought some plants at the nursery that came in large plastic nursery pots. The problem is that when you transfer the plants to your garden, you’re left with these hunks of plastic. A creative way to upcycle them is to make them into a strawberry tower! You can both reuse your plastic pots and grow some delicious berries at the same time!

Decorative garden jars: Most of us have extra mason jars lying around our kitchen. Instead of throwing them away, why not upcycle them into colorful garden decorations? One way to do this is to hot glue some flat glass beads to the outside of the mason jars, hot glue the lids to some yard sticks and plant them in your garden. The beads will catch the light, which will reflect beautifully in your garden.

Tire planter: There are few people who don’t have old or mostly deflated tires lying around their garage. If you want to upcycle while adding a rustic flair to your garden, you can use these old tires to make tire planters. All you need to do is add some soil in the tire, plant some flowers inside and hang the tire on an outdoor wall. This upcycling idea is also great if you want to beautify your garden, but don’t have much space on the ground.

Upcycling isn’t only good for the environment, but it’s fun, too! Upcycling usually involves excessive amounts of creativity, which means that implementing upcycling into your landscaping project can make the experience much more enjoyable. However, if you aren’t the creative type, don’t worry. There are several premade upcycling items that can aid in the success of your next landscaping project.

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