How To Turn Your Backyard Into An Entertainers’ Paradise


With spring finally upon us, now is the perfect time to get your backyard into shape. For those of you who love to entertain, the backyard is the perfect place on a hot summer’s night, with plenty of space and fresh air for everyone. While some may think the idea of turning your backyard into an entertainers’ paradise is daunting, there are some small and inexpensive techniques you can use which will have a dramatic impact on the your backyard’s appearance and entertaining value. All you need is a little motivation, some weekend work, and some of the ideas in this article and you’ll be well on your way to creating a tropical garden paradise to relax, entertain, and impress your friends this summer.



Lighting is the key to creating a great atmosphere that make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Having spotlights or bright patio lighting isn’t the best way to set the mood for an outdoor dinner. In most cases, you’ll find that the cheaper options are far better in terms of both cost and value. Think about buying some strung globe lights, pendant lighting, or outdoor lanterns that you can hang from different areas of your backyard. If you have a pergola, this is perfect to hang lighting from for evening entertaining. This type of lighting will create a soft and warm ambiance that will make your guests feel right at home.

Outdoor Furniture


Investing in some durable outdoor furniture is a fantastic way to transform an ordinary backyard into a bright, attractive al fresco to entertain guests. Regardless of the size of your backyard, adding just a few pieces of quality outdoor furniture can make all the difference. Be sure to invest in quality, hard wearing outdoor furniture though, as this will actually save you money down the track by lasting at least several years if cared for properly.



We all know how hot Australian summer’s are, so to protect you and your guests from the harsh elements, install some outdoor blinds which will protect you from rain, hail or shine. Without some sort of shade in your backyard, your outdoor space will have limited functionality in the sizzling heat. If you have a swimming pool, then it’s a great idea to install shade sails which not only look dazzling, but will help protect the pool from the sun. Your kids will love it, and it will certainly add an element of style to your outdoor setting.

Establish Outdoor Zones


One of the tricks to creating an entertainer’s’ paradise in your backyard is to set up specific zones or areas which are dedicated to certain activities. You can maximise your outdoor space by planning out areas such as eating, drinking, and relaxing, and you’ll need to take into account other factors such as if you have a nice view that you want your guests to enjoy. Even if you have a small backyard, you can still establish zones by arranging your furniture in a certain way. It will be even easier if you can get in touch with your creative side. A small bench positioned near a distant tree in your backyard makes a huge difference in maximising your entertaining space.

Transforming your backyard into an entertainers’ paradise is much easier and cheaper than most people would believe. While you can splash out and buy fancy water features which will impress your guests, most of the tips highlighted in this article are affordable and you don’t need a big budget to turn your backyard into a fantastic entertainment area. The key here is to maximise your space, set a relaxing mood with soft lighting, and ensure your guests are comfortable with shade and outdoor furniture.

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