My Most Valuable Landscaping Exercises of 2018

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Landscaper Sunshine Coast

Are you passionate about landscaping and gardens? I moved permanently to the Sunshine Coast in 2018 having designed and planted my garden there as an absentee landlord a few years earlier. So last year was a big learning curve — and Designer Garden Landscapes has taught me everything I know, from gardening to retaining walls and from paving to decking! Daryn Miller has become my mentor and best friend. He is a fully licensed structural landscaper and has been landscaping professionally since 1989, when he grew out of his own garden.

Designer Garden Landscapes specializes in the construction of beautiful landscapes for residential, rural and commercial settings

Of course for me the greatest challenges were learning to work with the landscape and making sure that insects and animals — and my own dogs — did not destroy what we were busy planting. I made a long list of needs and wants first, but Designer Garden Landscapes were determined that I should make the garden manageable, because even though I love gardening I still have to travel.

“Select plants adaptable to the site” became my mantra

Designer Garden Landscapes made me take into account the expected size and rate of growth of everything I was planting and not to place anything too close together as some of my friends have done. So I have had to learn to think long-term. And also try to grasp the long-term costs of and mulching and mowing, and weeding and watering, let alone fertilizing, and pruning.

“Function before Form” was instilled in me and so was “Prevent Pruning by Picking Proper Plants”

So now I think first about erosion, about windbreaks and about natural habitat. With pests, drought and water restrictions — and the occasional cyclone — there is always an element of surprise though. And I have tried to avoid plants vulnerable to local conditions like salt air and bright sunshine, however much I may love them. Now I know to always try to choose top-quality plants, position them correctly, dig holes that are large enough and deep enough, and look after them while they establish themselves. And I try to recognize potential problems early, before they become overwhelming or expensive.

Are you landscaping on the Sunshine Coast?

Then call Designer Garden Landscapes and Daryn Miller today! They have changed my life and made me so proud of my lovely garden.

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