Out with the old! Plants that are going to be the most sought after in your garden during 2019!

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Some people – those who don’t frequent there own garden- are fans of the saying “plants are plants.” However, this statement couldn’t be more untrue! In fact, it makes garden fanatics cringe! When it comes to plants, there are different types that are in style every year. While plants can’t necessarily be “outdated,” they can certainly be replaced by more exciting, eye-catching, attention-grabbing plants. If you’re in the process of renovating your garden, you should keep this in mind! Here are some of the plants that will be the most sought after in 2019:

Dahlia: Dahlias are absolutely gorgeous pink flowers that come in a variety of sizes. The larger dahlias are suitable for your garden, while miniature varieties can be planted in pots and spread out around your garden for subtle pops of color.

Xerochrysum: Xerochrysum are some of the most versatile flowers in Australian gardens. They come in a multitude of colors ranging from off-white to vibrant orange and neon magenta. These flowers are not only in style for 2019, but can help add some much-needed color to a garden in any year.

Kangaroo Paw: Kangaroo paw, also known as “bush pearl,” is a bushy pink plant that blooms well year-round. Despite the dramatic changes in temperature that the Sunshine Coast faces throughout the year, kangaroo paw can help beautify your garden for all of 2019.

Brachyscome: Brachyscome, typically referred to as “native daisies,” are not only one of the most sought after plants in 2019, but they are also beautiful and adaptable. Native daisies come in colors ranging from periwinkle to mustard yellow and are easy to cultivate. They can adapt to a variety of climates and grow quickly.

Grey cottonheads: Ironically, grey cottonheads are plants that grow bright yellow flowers. Their name comes from their soft silver foliage, which makes a beautiful color contrast with their neon yellow colored flowers. This plant grows well in the Australian climate and is said to be in high demand in the coming year.

Blue mist: Blue mist flowers, also known as sky mist, come in royal blue and purple colors. Many Australians love to have these flowers in their garden, but they will be particularly popular in 2019. If you’re looking for a flower that has a low-growing habit and light suckering ability, then blue mist is for you.

Gardening is a beautiful and relaxing craft. While some garden casually, others are more invested. For those that are passionate about their gardening projects, you should definitely keep up with the gardening trends for 2019. In a few short months, you will have the opportunity to completely redecorate your garden with the year’s most popular plants. Your garden could be the talk of the town! If you need help with garden design in Sunshine Coast contact Designer Garden Landscapes!

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