Bring your garden alive with colour, formation and function

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Garden Design Sunshine Coast

Are you sick and tired of looking at your dull, monotone garden? Have you gone years without changing the style of your garden? Do you need something new? While greenery can be refreshing, gardens need some pops of colour and unique decorations to truly come alive. When your garden becomes a highlight of your home, you are more inclined to relax alone outdoors or entertain guests. Here’s how to bring your garden alive with colour, formation and function:

Add some brightly colored plants: Adding some bright pops of color using plants can be an effective way to give your garden a lively appearance. You can either remove some of your green plants to make way for your new colorful additions, or you can plant several smaller colorful plants around your yard to add simple but exciting pops of color.

Bring in some colorful furniture: Bringing colorful furniture into your yard can truly bring your garden alive with color, formation and function. If you are unable to alter the landscaping itself to be more colorful, bringing in bright red, orange or blue lounge chairs or couches can spruce up your patio.

Incorporate colorful pots: If you aren’t able to get your hands on bright flowers or plants, why not buy some colorful pots? This is the easiest way to incorporate color, dimension and formation into your backyard. Simply place some bright blue or magenta pots around the yard and plant the most basic flowers inside.

Get an outdoor rug: If you have a patio space in your garden, a rug can completely transform your garden’s appearance. If you want a landscape that pops, this is the way to go. By purchasing a brightly colored, intricately patterned outdoor rug, you can bring both color and personality to your garden. Whether your plants and flowers are brightly colored or not, the outdoor rug will make your garden come alive.

Paint a wall: Painting a wall in your garden with a bright color- such as red or purple- can create a beautiful accent wall. This accent wall will draw attention to the lovely colors and away from any dull plants you may have in your garden.

At the end of the day, a beautiful garden can change your life in several ways. You can go from being embarrassed of your dull, boring garden to being proud to invite guests over for afternoon tea. Gardens aren’t just about aesthetics! They can also be wonderful places to spend your time – if you’re happy with how yours looks and functions. Give Designer Garden Landscapes a call today to find out how we can help with your garden design in Sunshine Coast!

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