Is it time to invigorate your garden and give the landscape a new look?

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Landscaping Contractors Sunshine Coast

If you’ve been grinding your teeth looking at your garden and wondering how to perk it up, why don’t you contact the DGL landscaping contractors in Sunshine Coast? Even if you aren’t too sure of what you want as a new look or how to go about it, this may be the best time to get professional advice and consider implementing some changes. You may be able to revitalize the landscape by just replacing umbrellas and cushions or the furniture. Or it may be a case of having let your landscape go without maintenance for a little too long. Does the garden just need editing rather than replanting? Does it get enough water? And fertilizer? Do you know which plants are high maintenance and which you value the most? But you can’t tackle a problem without knowing what it is, and that is where a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference, even to expressing your own creativity and style.

Questions and answers

Over the years have you been collecting ideas you might like to emulate? Symmetrical or asymmetrical? Structured or unstructured? Do you fancy a dry streambed or a natural bark pathway? Or ceramic containers instead of wooden ones? Have you always wanted a birdbath? What about painted trellises with plants climbing up them? And a pergola? Do you dine al fresco regularly, and would you adore a dedicated space to cook, eat and entertain? Are you prepared to grow your own vegetables? These are all questions that Designer Garden Landscapes will ask before giving you their down-to-earth, practical advice and help.

Trends and fads

The trend is moving from stainless steel to naturally weathered copper patinas, to natural limestone instead of bright white, and from wood to hardwearing, scratch, stain and heat-resistant wood-effect porcelain tiles, both inside and out. Solar lights are a great addition in the garden. Hand-made bricks and textured paving blocks are popular too, and spectacularly coloured leaves. Mood lighting is in, and so is ‘wabi-sabi’ – the Japanese acceptance of the natural cycle of transience and imperfection.

Consult Designer Garden Landscapes

Whether you want a complete garden redesign or only to upgrade what you already have, consult our award-winning landscape architects and contractors. We’re skilled, efficient, sensible yet mindful, and affordable— and we know how to balance nature and nurture and the Pantone verdure palette. We can fit in with your likes and dislikes and deliver something for you to be proud of.

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