What is the importance of a retaining wall?

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Vital to the prevention of soil erosion and landslips, retaining walls can be found all over the world, wherever heavy rainfall may cause substantial damage. These walls are critical in protecting structures from damage related to soil collapse, and nowadays they can also make attractive and interesting additions to the landscape. Forget those simple, chunky walls of the past and look into the vibrant, well-designed structures of today – these are walls that will blend in well and add to the overall appeal of your garden. Landscaping counts!

Retaining walls are relatively rigid and support soil laterally so that it can be retained at a different level on either side.

No longer just dull walls of hewn rock built to prevent landslips, there are now options in several different materials – predominantly concrete or timber – and designs guaranteed to enhance your outdoor area while protecting it from soil damage. Given that the walls normally last between 50-100 years, it is essential that you choose something which is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and utilitarian: a structure that will complement your garden and the paving and decking around your home or office while also protecting it.

There are four basic kinds of wall:

• Gravity retaining walls, the most basic type, which derive their stability by self-weight
• Cantilevered retaining walls, a relatively thin stem and a base slab constructed of reinforced concrete
• Sheet piling retaining walls of steel, timber or reinforced concrete with
• interlocking edges
• Anchored retaining walls, pinned at the top and bottom.

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